This is a Navanax. It’s a sea slug from the family Aglajidae. It is not a nudibranch!
Seen at the Dike Rock tide pools, La Jolla, CA


This is a baby starfish. It was about 2cm big. Once it grows up it will probably be a giant sea star. (Giant sea star, that really is the name :))
Seen at the Dike Rock tide pools, La Jolla, CA


This is chiton. They like to hide under rocks and although they all look kind of greenish- looking more closely they actually come in different colors and patterns.


This is the only time I saw a heron at the beach. It looked slightly confused. Probably wondering how he got there. La Jolla Shores beach


Another chiton. Little pink cutie…
La Jolla Dike Rock


A sea anemone. They are green because they have a friendly relationship with some algae. They provide a nice home for them and CO2 and the algae make oxygen and carbohydrates. La Jolla Dike Rock tidepools


This is the old molt of a striped shore crab. It’s amazing how they manage to get out of it and still leave it in one piece! La Jolla Dike Rock tidepools


This little chiton hugged me!
La Jolla Dike Rock tidepools


Pink ghost shrimp
La Jolla Dike Rock tidepools


I think this snail is a Trivia californica.
La Jolla Dike Rock tidepools


Striped shore crab eating his healthy algae breakfast.
La Jolla Dike Rock tidepools


An adult Spanish Shawl and a baby Spanish Shawl
La Jolla Dike Rock tidepools


Baby sea bat. Maybe 1cm big. Soooo cute
La Jolla Dike Rock tidepools


Some cool rocks at La Jolla Cove


Another baby star fish. About 2cm big.
La Jolla Dike Rock tidepools

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  1. Jeeeej, tak to už zasa funguje!!! Prechádzať sa s Tebou aspoň v duchu po pláži, je super!!! A keď z toho vznikajú fotočky, tak to je super na druhú! 🙂
    Pozdravujeme všetkých rôzne sfarbených, zaujímavo prezentovaných a rozprávkovo tajomných obyvateľov mora pri kalifornskom pobreží! Povedz im, že až z Nemecka pozdravujeme! 🙂

  2. Hello, I was wondering if I could use your photo of the chiton around your finger, in an online hitchhikers guide for saltwater aquariums. Full photo credit to you, of course. I couldn’t find an email address on your site to contact you privately. It’s a wonderful picture.

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